August 17, 2015 

The President’s Iran Deal


Dear Neighbor:

As you know, President Obama recently reached a deal with Iran. This nation is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. If not for the actions of House conservatives, the President could have sealed the deal with Iran months ago. However, my colleagues and I pressured the Administration to submit the deal to Congress for approval before it can take effect.  The "Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015passed the House with my support in a bipartisan vote of 400-25.  I believe this is the latest example of House conservatives reining in the Administration. As required by this Act, the President submitted his deal with Iran to Congress on July 19, 2015. The House will vote on this resolution in September.

Supporters of the Iran deal believe it makes us safer by halting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. In reality, it gives Iran billions in sanctions relief and restores their ability to buy and sell ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The deal is an economic windfall for Iran and the IRGC, a branch of its military which actively supports terrorist groups in Yemen, Lebanon and Gaza. A recent report from the American Action Forum estimates the Iran deal could increase terrorist financing by $3.1 billion, a 50 percent increase.   

The President's  Iran deal also contains at least two secret side agreements involving inspection of Iranian military complexes. The terms of these secret agreements have not been submitted to Congress. One involves the notorious Parchin military complex where Iranian scientists are believed to be working on a nuclear trigger device. I was one of more than 200 House members who recently sent the President a letter urging him to submit the text of these secret side deals to Congress so that we can review them.

The President himself said that the agreement with Iran is not based on trust, but on verification. How can we verify something we have not seen? Given Iran’s history of violating previous agreements and treaties, it is illogical to think they will comply with public agreements, much less secret ones.   

I read the complete text of the agreement that the President sent to Congress, and I am convinced that his deal allows Iran to continue to advance their nuclear program over the next decade. This is unacceptable.

In my opinion, this Administration places trust in our enemies while ignoring the advice of our long-time allies. The countries most vulnerable to this deal – Israel and the Arab States, were not allowed at the negotiating table, and they strongly oppose the agreement.  I will vote against the President’s deal with Iran, and I will work with my House colleagues to stop what I believe is a dangerous and misguided agreement.

It is an honor and a privilege to represent you and Texas in the United States Congress.


John Culberson

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