February 2, 2017 

Executive Orders on Immigration


Dear neighbor,

Many have reached out to me and my office with concerns regarding the recent executive order President Donald Trump signed last Friday. This executive action was aimed at improving the vetting process for refugees entering the United States. The FBI, and the Departments of State, Homeland Security and Defense have all expressed their concerns with vetting refugee migrants because of the lack of documentation from their home country. Due to these concerns, the President signed the executive order to allow agencies time to improve their vetting process.  The security of Americans is my number one priority and I believe it’s important to share the facts of this order with you.

This executive order:

  • Temporarily suspends the refugee program for 120 days
  • Prohibits entry of citizens from seven countries where terrorism has a stronghold for 90 days
  • Suspends the Syrian refugee program

This executive action does not discriminate based on religion. It does take country of origin into account when deciding who can enter the United States. This executive action is similar to President Barack Obama’s 2011 action, which halted Iraqi refugees from entering the country for six months.

Both former President Obama and President Trump used their congressionally given authority to suspend the entry of a class of aliens that they deemed to pose a threat to national security, which is well within the law.  

The nations deemed “countries of concern” in the recently signed executive order are the same seven nations that the Obama Administration labeled “countries of concern” due to extensive terrorist activity.

The federal government’s job is to protect our liberty while providing for the common defense and the President’s primary job is to enforce the law. I support the Administration’s efforts to vigorously enforce our immigration law. The implementation of these much needed measures was not handled well, and accommodations should have been made for people with green cards in the midst of a trip to or from the United States. Otherwise, green card holders are not impacted by these executive orders.

This executive action simply gives agencies time to reform their vetting process and ensure our safety and security.

When faced with the choice, I will always stand up for enforcing the law and protecting Americans because it is my ultimate duty as your representative.

It is an honor and a privilege to represent you and Texas in the United States House.


John Culberson


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