July 28, 2017

Strengthening Our National Security


Dear neighbor,

The House continued our work to keep Americans safe this week and passed the Make America Secure Appropriations Act. This bill provides important financial resources for the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

At a time when our country faces increasing threats of terrorism and hostile nations, the Make America Secure Appropriations Act boosts investments in our military to prepare them for combat and peacetime missions. This legislation outfits our Armed Forces with the equipment they need to be successful, including munitions, submarines and naval ships and also fully funds the largest pay increase our troops have received in eight years.

This funding bill provides $1.6 billion for border security efforts. Texans know that our porous southern border is causing an influx in human trafficking and drug cartel activity. Last weekend, ten lives were lost in a despicable case of human smuggling. Securing our southern border would help end these awful cases.

This week, the House also passed bipartisan legislation to strengthen sanctions against North Korea, Russia and Iran. These three regimes have consistently undermined our national security for years. North Korea has tested 18 missiles since February, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has used cyberattacks as weapons against the U.S., and Iran continues to fund terrorist activity. Strengthening the sanctions against these nations gives the United States important leverage to counteract their aggressive behavior. 

It is Congress’ constitutional duty to provide for the common defense and protect our nation. This week, House Republicans fulfilled that duty.

It is an honor and privilege to represent you and Texas in the United States House.


John Culberson


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