Culberson’s Statement on President Trump’s Executive Actions to Defund Sanctuary Cities

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Washington, January 25, 2017 | comments

Representative John Culberson (TX-07) released the following statement after President Donald Trump signed executive actions aimed at defunding sanctuary cities.

“President Donald Trump is keeping his word to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders to protect the lives and property of every American. I’m very pleased the President has given the new Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to designate sanctuary cities and instructed our new Attorney General to cut off federal grant funding to those sanctuary cities.

“Sanctuary cities violate federal law and endanger American lives. As Chairman of the Commerce, Justice and Science Subcommittee on Appropriations, I worked with the Department of Justice to implement a policy that ensures that sanctuary cities are ineligible for federal law enforcement grant funding. This policy, which has been in place since July 7, 2016, forces sanctuary jurisdictions to choose between receiving federal money or protecting illegal aliens. President Trump has done the right thing today by expanding this effort nationwide to ensure that State and local law enforcement agencies must follow federal immigration law.

“I will continue to support President Trump in his effort to restore the rule of law.” 


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