Culberson’s Statement on METRO’s University Line Loss of Consideration for Federal Funding

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Washington, D.C., May 20, 2016 | comments

Representative John Culberson (TX-07) released the following statement after the Federal Transit Administration withdrew the Houston University Line from federal funding consideration due to lack of progress, inactivity and lack of local financial commitment:

“I’m confident that the FTA’s decision to remove the University Line from further consideration of funding is the right decision. My primary responsibilities as a congressman include protecting the taxpayers and protecting the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  Rail on Richmond was never approved by the voters, and it would have destroyed homes and businesses in the area.”

Representative Culberson’s opposition to the University light rail line began in 2003 following a METRO rail referendum that did not specify a line on Richmond Avenue. After residents organized opposition to light rail on Richmond, Rep. Culberson vehemently opposed the rail proposal. Last year, Rep. Culberson and METRO agreed that any further rail construction must be approved by the voters as a very detailed regional transit plan. The community will have the final say in when, where, and how much additional rail will be built.

For a copy of the agreement between METRO and Rep. Culberson, click here. For a copy of FTA’s letter to METRO, click here.

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