Culberson Bill Frees States From Obamacare

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Washington, March 26, 2015 | comments

Washington, D.C.—On the same week that the Administration celebrated the five-year anniversary of Obamacare, Congressman John Culberson (TX-07) introduced the Health Insurance Freedom Act (H.R. 1664), which would allow state insurance commissioners the option of offering insurance plans cancelled as a result of the failed health care law.

“The President promised his health care overhaul would lower costs and improve access to care. Obamacare turns five years old this week, and in the last five years all we've seen are rising premiumscancelled plans, and a failed website with a $1.7 billion price tag.  Millions of Americans have been dropped from their health insurance plans and forced to buy new, more expensive policies,” explained Congressman Culberson. “Despite the Administration’s claims that premiums would decrease by $2,500 for an average family, individual insurance premiums increased by 50 percent in 2014 alone. My bill holds President Barack Obama to his word that ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.’”

Culberson’s Health Insurance Freedom Act would authorize State insurance commissioners to offer group and individual health insurance plans that existed prior to the implementation of Obamacare. These plans would be purchased outside of the state and federal exchanges set up under current law.  Individuals and employers would have the freedom to continue to choose the plans that best fit their needs, including those plans that were cancelled by Obamacare.

“This bill restores States’ traditional right to regulate the health insurance marketplace,” Culberson concluded.   

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