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As a capitalist nation, it is imperative that we encourage democracies through diplomatic efforts, including the development of free trade, and discourage nuclear arms development and terrorism.

Supporting Israel is a matter of personal conviction for me. Israel has been America’s closest friend and ally in the Middle East for more than 60 years.  Israel must continue to look out for their interests with the unwavering support of the United States.  When countries such as Israel share a common commitment to democracy, freedom, and peace we need continue to be the steadfast ally they can always count on.

I also believe we must continue to encourage democratic alternatives to any transitioning nations.  What we are seeing in the Middle East now is the brutal results of long standing authoritarian regimes.  Under these regimes, there are almost always no opportunities for political expression.  Instead, political activity is pushed underground.  It is under this oppression that political movements fester and radicalize into extremist groups.  The people’s dissenting voices can be heard only through democracy and only then will the growing wave of extremism and terrorism be halted.


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