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The Status Quo is Unsustainable
  • Nearly one-in-three primary care doctors limit the number of Medicare patients they see.
  • More than half of doctors say the President’s health care law will compel them to close or restrict their practices to Medicare patients.
  • Texas doctors are opting out of Medicare at alarming rates – every year 100 to 200 Texas doctors opt out of participating in Medicare.
  • More than 10,000 Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age every single day.
  • Americans are living longer – about a decade longer than when Medicare was adopted – and their health status is better.
  • While four workers supported each Medicare beneficiary in 2000, it will be just over two workers by 2030.
  • Medicare cannot be sustained by simply eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the system.
  • According to the latest Medicare Trustees report, the Medicare Hospital Fund will be insolvent in 2024.

Obamacare Guts Medicare

  • The Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) effectively ended Medicare as we know it.
  • President Obama has cut $716 billion from Medicare, but he done nothing to guarantee it will be there for seniors in the future.
  • It reduces benefits for both retirees and younger workers.
    • In the absence of Obamacare, today’s new retirees would have received $53,500 in lifetime benefits over and above lifetime taxes and premi­ums paid.
    • Because of Obamacare, today’s new retirees will now receive about $20,700 less in net benefits.
  • The impact of Obamacare will be even greater on younger workers. For example:
    • In the absence of Obamacare, individuals who are 45 years old today would have received $44,900 in net benefits at retirement.
    • With the Obamcare reforms, however, individuals who are 45 years old today will pay $11,400 MORE over their lifetime in taxes and premiums than they are expected to receive in benefits.
    • Their reduction in net benefits due to Obamacare reforms is about $56,000.

House Republican Plan (i.e. the Ryan Budget)

  • No changes to benefits for anyone at or near retirement age (i.e., anyone 55 or older).
  • For younger workers, individuals will be able to choose from multiple guaranteed coverage options which best suits their needs.
  • Individuals select where a Medicare benefit check goes to help cover the cost of a plan that YOU choose (i.e. premium support).
  • Premium support is NOT a voucher. It is personalized health care coverage.
  • Low-income individuals will receive greater support.
  • Individuals with higher health risks will receive greater support.
  • Wealthier individuals will receive less support.
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