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All Houstonians know the importance of the oil and gas industry to our city and to the country. House Conservatives are in favor of identifying domestic energy sources, expanding onshore energy production, streamlining permitting processes, and reducing bureaucratic red tape.

In Texas, we know that low taxes, smart and limited regulations, and robust American energy production are the key to economic growth. The Obama Administration has overseen the four lowest years of federal acres leased for energy production since 1988, and energy producers on federal lands have to wait on average 30 percent longer for drilling permit approval than applicants applying for state permits.

For years, House Republicans have been working on an all-of-the-above energy strategy that will lower gas prices and create jobs.

One of the most important things that the government can do is approve the Keystone XL Energy Pipeline. Keystone XL will create over 20,000 jobs while battling the high price of gas.The Keystone pipeline had been planned for years, is supported by Republicans, Democrats, and labor unions, but President Obama vetoed it.

It doesn’t take more than a drive down I-10 to see the benefits from the booming natural gas and oil exploration industry; our growing city is a testament to its importance.

Recently, the House passed three bills to increase American energy production:

  • H.R. 161, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, would provide for timely consideration of all licenses, permits, and approvals required under federal law with respect to the siting, construction, expansion, or operation of any natural gas pipeline projects. Passed House on January 21, 2015.
  • H.R. 351, the LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act, would provide for expedited approval of exportation of natural gas.Passed House on January 28, 2015.
  • H.R. 702, to adapt to changing crude oil market conditions, would lift the ban of the crude oil exports that has been holding our economy back. It brings our energy policy into the 21st century and unleashes the full potential of the U.S. energy sector. Passed House on October 29, 2015. The Crude Oil Export Ban was lifted on December 18, 2015 as a provision in the FY2016 omnibus bill. The United States can finally sell crude oil on the global market.

Bills I have cosponsored:

  • H.Con.Res. 89, Expressing the Sense of Congress that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the United States economy 

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