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For years, House Republicans have been working on an all-of-the-above energy strategy that will lower gas prices and create jobs. All Houstonians know the importance of the oil and gas industry to our city and to the country. House conservatives are in favor of identifying domestic energy sources, expanding onshore energy production, streamlining permitting processes, and reducing bureaucratic red tape.

In Texas, we know that low taxes, smart and limited regulations, and robust American energy production are the keys to economic growth. Our dependence upon foreign sources of energy has jeopardized our national security, economy, and ability to innovate for the future. America can develop its own abundant energy resources and attain energy independence by the end of this decade. Energy produced from offshore sources is a critical component of our energy-independent future, and we must allow our domestic energy companies to access new areas for exploration and development.

The five-year plan we are currently operating under made over 90 percent of the outer continental shelf (OCS) off-limits. I support the U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Zinke’s efforts to develop a new five-year plan that would further develop our offshore resources. It will enhance our status as an international energy superpower and benefit the nation through increased job creation, additional government revenue, and affordable and reliable energy supplies for consumers and manufacturing.

America also began exporting crude oil in 2016 after Congress lifted the ban that had been in place since 1975. America is now the world’s largest producer of oil and gas thanks to new drilling and extraction techniques, and Texas plays a huge role. All Houstonians recognize the importance of the oil and gas industry.  It doesn’t take more than a drive down I-10 to see the benefits from the booming natural gas and oil exploration industry; our growing city is a testament to its importance. 

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