My Record

I’m proud of my conservative record representing the 7th Congressional District. You can look at my voting record here, or see an overview of my stance on important issues here

Recent awards and ratings include:

  • The American Farm Bureau Federation gave me the "Friend of Farm Bureau" aware for my support of Farm Bureau issues as seen through my voting record.
  • The American Conservative Union gave me the "ACU Conservative Award” for my commitment to the principles of limited government, traditional values and a strong national defense.  I have a 93% lifetime voting record with the ACU.   
  • The National Rifle Association gave me a 100% voting record for my work to protect our Second Amendment Rights.
  • The Family Research Council gave me the "True Blue Award” for my 100% voting record on pro-family, religious freedom issues. 
  • Freedom Works gave me a 76% voting record for my efforts to support free enterprise and constitutionally limited government.
  • Citizens Against Government Waste gave me the "Hero Award” for my voting record on legislation that cuts taxes and spending.  
  • The National Federation of Independent Business gave me the "Guardian of Small Business Award” for my 100% voting record on legislation that supports America’s small business owners. 
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave me the "Spirit of Enterprise Award” for my 89% lifetime voting record on pro-growth, pro-business legislation.
  • The International Foodservice Distributors gave me the "Thomas Jefferson Award" for my support of free market principals.
  • The Faith and Freedom Coalition gave me the “Friend of Freedom Award” for my 100% voting record on legislation that reduces the scope of government and protects our freedom.
  • Numbers USA gave me an “A” for my 92% voting on legislation to stop illegal immigration.
  • Club for Growth gave me an 80% lifetime voting record on legislation that strengthens the economy and shrinks the size of the federal government.

  • The National Right Life Committee gave me a 100% voting record on pro-life legislation.
  • The National Association of Manufacturers gave me the “NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence” for my 93% voting record on legislation to boost employment and grow our economy.
  • 60 Plus gave me the “Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award” for my commitment to reforming the tax code in a way that is simpler and fairer for everyone. 



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